Holy crap, lots of motivation lately! With little procrastination! Like Underdogs being updated again! And Super Seekrit Project #2 that I wasn’t totally sure was going to come to fruition but was spurred on by Jayme doing one too. What is that, you ask? Why my very own TCG, Red Sun, revolving around the artists and groups, past, present and future of Korea’s SM Entertainment. Obviously for now a lot of the games and such were swiped from inspired by Midnight Paradox and Countdown (Go. Join. Tell them Nori sent you.) so much ♥♥♥ to Jayme & Aku over there. However the games will soon have their own twist to them ♥

So yeah. Red Sun is now accepting prejoiners. It’s super small at the moment so more members = more decks = more fun for everyone~ Someone asked a while back if my Super Seekrit Project involved Super Junior – well now it does XD; (However, no. The Super Seekrit Project I was referring to on that post was Underdogs‘ super-revamp.)

On to random stuff, apparently S tried to hook up his cable modem last (Friday, I’m of the belief that it’s not tomorrow until I wake up) night and came to the conclusion that it didn’t work. Around 3 AM Saturday I go to turn on my tv and watch something and my cable was out. And thus it was I who discovered that hooking wires up in the dark = Bad Idea. Yes, he hooked the cables up right to some extent, however he didn’t hook my cable back up to the splitter and hooked his wire to my cable… in essence hooking his computer up to my TV and um yeah, it didn’t work.

Bonus points to this: Once I get a 100 foot ethernet cable, fast internets are miiiiine. Though only until J brings her comp home from work, in which case I’ll be needing to get a new network card for S since everything would be networked through his comp.

Which obviously will mean uploading things will be easier, which brings me to my next point: more downloads! The downloads from the previous post have been removed, so don’t even try ♥

Golf & Mike – Bounce (live)
Golf & Mike – Ruang Lek Kaung Tur (live)
Golf & Mike – Tong Tur Tao Nun (live)
Golf & Mike – Medley (live) Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3. (You will need HJ Split to join the files – make sure the files are named .avi.001, .avi.002, .avi.003 or it will not work!)
Golf & Mike – Venus (live, Japanese & Thai) – Tackey & Tsubasa cover.
Golf & Mike & Sand & Bank – Mai Tong Mee Kum Bun Yai (live). Sand and Bank being their (fucking cute) older brothers ♥
Mike – Ta Lok Dee (live solo)

Same as usual, comments are appreciated if you download and direct linking = teh no.