Oh God My Life

Because I am a complete retard, the cosplay list for 2009 + shit planned beyond that.


Anime Central
Axis Powers Hetalia: England w/ Emi’s America
Dragonball: Bulma w/ Emi’s Yamcha.
Dragonball Z: Trunks w/ Emi’s Goten
Dragonball Z: Videl w/ Emi’s Gohan
Kuroshitsuji: William w/ Emi’s Grell
The Word Ends With You: Joshua w/ Emi’s Hanekoma

Dragonball Z: #18 w/ Nat’s Krillin
Dragonball Z: Bulma w/ Nat’s Yamcha
Gundam SEED Destiny: Stellar w/ Nat’s Sting & Cindy’s Auel

Gundam 00: Nena w/ Zellie’s Michael & Jei’s Johann
Gundam 00: S2 Nena
Gundam 00: S2 Sumeragi

Anime Expo
Undecided whether to go

San Diego Comic Con

Undecided whether to go.

Gundam SEED: Yzak w/ GS/D ZAFT group
Princess Princess: Yuujirou w/ Sunny & Tara

Future stuff, undecided when/where to wear.


Dragonball: Chaozu w/ Emi’s Tenshinhan
Dragonball Z: Chichi w/ Emi’s Goku (wedding version & regular version)
Dragonball Z: Videl w/ Emi’s Gohan (regular version + OVA version + Great Saiyageeks)
Dragonball Z: BAD MAN!Vegeta w/ Emi’s Yardrat!Goku
Dragonball Z: Tarble w/ Nat’s Vegeta & Emi’s Goku
Dragonball Z: Mister Satan w/ Emi’s Fat!Buu
Dragonball Z: Vegeta w/ Emi’s Nappa
Dragonball Z: Kaioshin w/ Emi’s Kibito
Dragonball Z: Radditz w/ Emi’s Goku
Dragonball Z: Chichi w/ Nat’s Videl & Emi’s Bulma
Dragonball Z: King Vegeta w/ Emi’s Bardock
Dragonball GT: Paris w/ Emi’s Goten

OTL OTL OTL My life is so totally over.

Tired day is tired.

How the hell is it almost 10:30? I feel like I’ve done absolutely nothing today, even though I have @_@

Horse situation is pretty much settled – we’re going to go over this weekend and do paperwork and such, then we just need to get Khisme’s teeth floated and we can take them over. Huzzah.

R had a good day today, more or less. No arguing or much backtalking/whining, at least until his therapist showed up. But I think some progress was made during the family meeting. This is good times. Maybe tomorrow there will be pie making >.>;

And I suppose it’s official I’ll be going to ACEN next year. To put it in the enabler’s words, “I love how this went from “let’s see” to basically COME OR DIE.” My life is ruined (or not because I get Dragonball!Yamcha/Bulma and Teen!Goten/Trunks cosplay ;o; ) Oh God why am I so stupidly happy about this. XD;

Things are done and now I should probably get started on finishing santa_smex fic. Ohgod.


The rest of the week is going to be fairly crazy, since R gets out of school earlier due to it almost being Thanksgiving vacation. The good news is I’ll get paid more. XD

Have been discussing cosplay plans for next year’s cons. Thus far my entire Fanime lineup consists of females, which is… very strange, to say the least, and has never happened. All of my costumes except one involve Gundams or Dragon Ball Z, and the one that doesn’t involves being a boy dressed as a girl (Princess Princess) OTL

And now Emi is trying to convince me to go to ACEN. XD

asdkfj;adks Have to be up earlier than usual tomorrow, so heading to bed.

Simply an aside

Little things of today:

1) Remembering that now that my laptop is fixed, and that I have fast internets, I can stream things. Thus watched The Twilight Zone for several hours.

2) S coming home early = I didn’t have to babysit today and OH THANK GOD.

3) Found Dragonball complete torrent \0/ Shall still complain about people using completely fucking useless formats/containers for encoding things these days (I’m looking at you, .mkv, and .ogm. There ain’t a damn thing you can do that .avi can’t, including switching audio streams/subtitles. Dumbasses. +mkv & ogm are resource hogs liek whut)

4) Spent $10 of my last $17 until I get paid (who the hell knows when that will be) on KFC for dinner, and it was tasty.

5) Also watched a few episodes of remastered Dragonball, care of people who are not dumbasses and still encode things in .avi.

6) Still inexplicably exhausted. Mum coming home tomorrow shall fix this as it means I can sleep in on Sunday >>

7) Monday is not only the birthday of one of my most favourite people/DB’tards, but also my 6 month anniversary to the greatest gal in the world.

8) The Spawn on Satan keeps calling, and I’m still not answering :3